We were the first who offered a unique set with the gold and silver color.

Those two are special because of their shiny glow which sometimes needs some extra shaking before use. They are also quite permanent – so gold and silver will bring joy with permanent decorations, however, you can still erase them from glass or other 100% nonporous surfaces with water and Blami cleaner or melamine sponge.

gold and silver chalk

Test the surface

We recommend you to test the surface on small area before using gold and silver color.

 Blami gold and silver


Don't use gold and silver color on porous chalkboards, because they leave permanent marks on porous materials (many chalkboards are porous). 


Ways of using gold and silver

- permanent decoration on holiday cards

- labeling food in bags or plastic containers (erasable)

- making signs for holidays

- writing on glass (erasable)

- adding special shiny color on different objects

 blami gold and silver color

Free your imagination and enjoy decorating!

Blami Arts



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