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Blami Chalk Markers

Imagine colors so bright and vivid that they echo your thoughts.

Enjoy the beauty, color your life and let your world be a canvas to your imagination every day.

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Blami Chalkboard Label

Organize your life around your dreams and watch them come true.

A well organized life always finds time and place for everything and everything in its place.

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Blami Kraft Wrapping Paper

Gift wrap your ideas and Twine imagination around creation. 

Say YES to new art & craft adventure that awaits you because creativity is imagination and imagination is for everyone.

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Blami Arts Stands For

Live Out Your Creativity

Craft And Color Your Life

Wrap With Love


"I'm so incredibly appreciative of this company's charity work, and I have seen first hand what their product has offered to children educationally at our elementary school.”


"I never thought I could use this crafty (fun for me) buy as an advantage to help my boys with their spelling words but it has been the main reason they are used now. We love them!"


"These chalk markers are fantastic!!! We had a couple's shower for some friends & I used these to write on all the signs we made - craft paper, chalkboards, so many surfaces. And they did not disappoint!"


"The colors stay vibrant throughout the pens life and not to mention they are easy to get off other surfaces/clothing. I have 3 very artistic kiddos that love them! We like finding new projects to do with these awesome pens! Thank you Blami Arts for your attention."


“I have used other brands of chalk markers in the past and these blow them right out of the water. They write smooth and evenly and again, the colors are amazing"


"We found our preferred marker set!!!  After trying 3-4 different brands/ types of dry erase markers and several liquid chalk markers, Blami worked the best!!!"

Mark NC

"This is a whole lot of craft paper and I love it. It's heavy, only because it's so much paper, which I love and which you can use for lining on tables so kids can enjoy drawing on them or just to even protect your tables when doing a something like a crab fest! I used this as wrapping paper and I love the thickness of it. It also comes with the with the rope, yarn, makes it look rustic."

Hazel F.

"I'm super happy with these labels :) They were exactly what we needed at our home!"


"Love this kraft paper. It's large enough (and durable enough!!) to wrap some large wooden signs I've made. And, the free cording that came with it is certainly an added bonus!!! Makes the packaging look very clean and natural - perfect for a very hand crafted touch, which matches the handmade gift itself. Excellent product and excellent service from seller. Comes well packaged in a sturdy tube."

NashGator Girl
Blami Arts customer care

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