Customer Care

Blami Arts
1812 N Columbia Blvd
Suite C15-616131
Portland, OR 97217, USA
Customer support:

Blami Arts has always been a company close to people and their needs.

Our company offers you only the best and our assurance really makes the difference – no matter how busy a day is, we will always find time for you. Your satisfaction is our goal. It’s simply because we care.

Customer support:

You and Your family deserve quality and fun.

That’s why we always do our best to answer your questions and concerns, we accept your suggestions and implement them in our products. We are so grateful that you help us improve and expand our offer by sending your friendly opinions. It means the world to us because we really care about you.


We strive to bring little rays of joy to You and Your family.

We make one big and wonderful family who values useful products and is in love with beautiful bright colors.


»I'm so incredibly appreciative of this company's charity work,

and I have seen first hand what their product has offered to

children educationally at our elementary school.«


»I have worked in customer service for years...there just aren't any companies focusing on their customers like this anymore!

I felt special indeed!«



Quality, Simplicity, Efficiency, Support and Freedom

Our efforts to make Your life easier, release Your creativity easily and free Your imagination have brought a still growing number of high quality products that satisfy the needs of small and big art&craft lovers. Become one of them!


Customer support:
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