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Blami Arts Story

Our story began in 2015 when a young and inspired couple gathered a group of talented individuals with a mission to bring little rays of colorful joy in every home.

Blami Arts has always been a company close to people and their needs. Our efforts to make your life easier, release your creativity and free your imagination have brought a still growing number of high quality products that satisfy the needs of small and big art&craft lovers.


Blami Chalk Markers WILL solve that problem instantly.

“More and more children are plugged to mobile devices day after day living in virtual world. Because they not see, hear, smell, touch and feel the real world their brains cannot developed properly and reach their full potential. Neuroscientists have proven that use of mobile devices by children age 2 - 15 years could have negative impact on their brain development.” (Manfred Spitzer: DIGITAL DEMNTIA)


Our customers are a living proof that Blami chalk markers help children boost their creativity.

Terri loves Blami chalk markers because her children love writing their spelling words on the mirrors in the bathroom so they can review them every time they are in there. “I never thought I could use this crafty (and fun for me) buy as an advantage to help my boys with their spelling words but it has been the main reason they are used now. We love them!”

Alexis is a hardworking parent volunteer of creative art clubs and she is certain that Blami chalk markers offer a unique artistic experience to children. “I’ve seen firsthand what their product has offered to children educationally at our elementary school. It's a unique media, and an experience for our children to be creative. Blami Liquid Chalk Markers beat out ALL other activities we do and these chalk markers were what they were the most interested in. They're bright, florescent, and the liquid consistency is fun to experiment with and dries fast so you can keep adding colors for detail.”

Blami chalk markers

You and your family deserve quality and fun. That’s why we always do our best to answer your questions and concerns, we accept your suggestions and implement them in our products. We are so grateful for all you who help us improve and expand our offer by sending your friendly opinions. It means the world to us because we really care about you.

Let us motivate you and free your imagination!

Blami Chalka Markers Free Your Mind                      

Blami Arts

Blami Arts/Arts & Crafts

Blami Arts is a company dedicated to provide great art and craft products for everyone. 
All the products are carefuly selected, quality tested and constantly improved to meet even greater standards. 

Blami products include high quality: 



Blami Arts provides lots of interesting DIY project ideas, photos of real art and craft projects, great offers and many engaging activities for small and big art lovers.

Our products are used by kids and professionals. You can use them at home or for advertisement in bistros & restaurants, hairdresser’s, florists, bakeries and other shops. Our products are appropriate also for schools, offices, home, craft workshops and DIYs.

Blami Arts products have satisfied the needs for creation and brought fun to many different users.

Become one of them and keep your imagination free!

Blami Arts

Charity Work

We often come across people and stories that inspire us and prove that  there are so many good people around us doing their best to bring some joy and happiness in lives of others. 

Your deeds are the ones that define you. Good deeds motivate you. 

We were inspired by many extraordinary groups and individuals and we decided to help them on their mission.

Blami Arts strives to bring everybody little rays of joy and keep everyone's imagination free! 

BCAI School of Arts        Colene Hoose Blami ArtsBlami Arts Chalk Markers for Kids and Children

Blami Arts

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