It's very easy to remove chalk ink from all nonporous surfaces – all you need is just a damp  paper towel or cloth. However, we are the only company that makes sure you won't have to worry about erasing chalk ink - ever. Our sets include revolutionary Blami Erasing sponge for efficient cleaning process.

erasing chalk ink                 erasing chalk ink

In some cases when surfaces turn out to be slightly porous and if our metallic gold and silver colors are used, there could be some difficulties.

But we have you covered in any situation.

If your writing doesn't erase with water, use damp Blami erasing sponge which can save your slightly porous blackboards or other surfaces.

  • Get the eraser wet.

Blami eraser

  • Scrub the chalk ink from the surface.

erasing chalk ink

  • Then use a paper towel to get the rest of the residue off. 

erasing chalk ink



All our new sets include Blami eraser, so you won't have to buy additional cleaning products as we take care you get everything you need in one set.

 Blami eraser and labels

You can also use liquid cleaners, magic erasers, vinegar or baby wipes.

Efficient erasing!

Blami Arts

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