REVOLUTIONARY REVERSIBLE TIPS - 3 point sizes in 1 marker

Blami chalk markers with 3mm and 6 mm tips have reversible tips. That means that those markers have tips with two points: chisel point at one side and bullet point at the other side.

How to reverse 3 mm and 6 mm tips?

You simply pull the tip out of the marker,

flip it around and

put it back in the marker.reversible tips

In case the tips get damaged, you can replace them with additional tips which are included

in 8 set, 12 set and 14 set packages.

additional tips


It's recommended to choose one side of the tip before using the markers because flipping the tip can get messy if you have already started using the markers.

reversible tips

Have fun creating chalk art!

Keep your imagination free

Blami Arts 

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