Blami markers are called CHALK markers because their ink includes chalk in liquid form along with other ingredients which make colors bright and vivid and enable smooth writing . Markers make chalk-like effect and are erasable from non-porous surfaces.

  • Blami chalk markers are non-toxic, water based, odorless and dust free.
  • They are safe for children and people with allergies or those who hate the feel of chalk dust on their hands.

chalk ink


  • Blami Chalk markers (3mm and 6mm tips) have reversible tips. You can use bullet or chisel point by flipping the tip.
  • Our sets with 6mm tips include additional tips. You can use them in case some of the original tips get damaged.

reversible tips

  • Our markers have newly designed safe caps that prevent tips from getting damaged.

safe cap

  • Blami markers are erasable from non-porous surfaces. Many chalkboards are slightly porous – test them first.
  • Chalkboards need to be seasoned or sealed before you use chalk ink on them. Many boards are porous.

season chalk board                season chalkboard

  • Gold and silver are special and more permanent.

    They sometimes require additional shaking, but the shiny color is worth it.

gold and silver chalk marker

 All our sets are unique with their amazing color selection and additional items you receive only in Blami Arts sets.

Blami 14 set         Blami 8 set

Blami 4 white set       Blami Labels

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