a box of colorful markers with text: 'We free your imagination CHALK 18 rainbow splash FREE 6mm reversible tip EXTRA GOLD & +BLAMI LAbels SILVER MARKER ERASER MARKERS'
a group of colorful markers on a black board with text: 'DEEP GREEN BLAMi CHALK PURPLE BROWN BlAMi CHALK GOLd deep Blue BLAMi CHALK ORANGE yellow GREEN CHALK PINK SILVER BlAMi CHALK BLUE BlAMi BlAMi CHALK WHITE BlAMi'
a group of markers and labels with text: 'New safe Additional caps BLAMI tips Reversible Bullet & Cleaning Chisel tip sponge BLAM BLAMi CHALK BLAMI CHALK CHALK Extra Gold CHAIK CHALK CHALK & Silver CHALK CHALK CHALK 20 Free 12 super vibrant Chalk colors board Labels'
a group of markers on a piece of paper with text: 'BLAMi CHALK BLAMi CHALK CHALK CHALK BLAMi BLAMi CHALK CHALK BLAMi BLAMi CHAlk'
a group of markers on a chalkboard with text: 'Very bright and solid colors !!!! By JacobReid on January 3, 2017 Size: 12 chalk markers set Purchase Out of all my markers, Blami Markers are the most vibrant in colors. I really enjoy them HALK MONEY HALK 100% GUARAN'
a child drawing on a canvas with text: 'CHALK'
a person pointing at a sign with text: 'CHALK WATER-BASE / OPAQUE / LIQUID THINK THINK'
a group of colorful markers on a black surface with text: 'BLAMi CHALK BlAMi CHALK CHALK CHALK CHALK CHALK CHALK BlAMi CHALK CHAIK CHALK'
a white board with writing on it next to two markers with text: 'One small POSITIVE thought in the MORNING can change WHOLE BLAMi CHALK'
a group of markers next to a drawing of a bird with text: 'BLAMi CHALK BLAMi BLAMi BİAMİ BLAMi CHAlk BLAMi CHAlk Chalk BLAMi CHALK BLAMi CHALK'

Blami Arts Chalk Markers and Chalkboard Labels Pack - 14 Erasable Liquid Ink Pens, Non Toxic Extra Gold and Silver Colors Included, Reversible Tips

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BE THE ENVY OF EVERYONE AROUND YOU with the most vibrant messages and signs. Our liquid chalk markers are backed with best quality chalk ink and durable tips both made in Japan. REVERSIBLE chisel and bullet nibs greatly improve chalkboard lettering, drawing, writing and coloring options. Free the artist inside you with Blami chalk pens.

LET YOUR KIDS' CREATIVE JUICES FLOW SAFELY with 14 eye-catching neon chalk markers which are non-toxic, water-based, quick dry, dust-free, bright, opaque and have vivid chalk colors. Better than regular chalk with no mess and dust in your home. Smooth and eco-friendly liquid chalk paint will amaze your children and make them forget about computer games and mobile devices.devices.

SAVE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY WITH BLAMI ERASER SPONGE: All chalk markers are hard to erase from semi porous materials. We cannot change the characteristics of chalkboards, but we will pay for your ERASING sponge, which will save you time and energy when cleaning your chalk board. Don’t use liquid chalk marker on porous surfaces like chalk paint.

SAVE YOUR MONEY and buy BLAMI chalk marker pack as you get all you need in one pack with LIFE TIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: 14 chalk pens, 18 chalkboard labels, metallic GOLD and SILVER shiny color chalk pens, Blami ERASING SPONGE, 2 EXTRA TIPS and SAFE CAPS. Gold and silver ink are erasable only from non-porous materials with damp eraser sponge. Don't use gold and silver on blackboards or any porous surfaces.

PURE JOY for kids, families, teachers, artists and art & craft lovers. With chalkboard markers you CREATE drawings, liquid chalk paint blending; ATTRACT attention in restaurant with menu boards and tags, make TO DO lists at home and office; IMPROVE students’ learning with rich colors, decorate objects, cards and turn every wedding, party, celebration or holiday into most memorable one. USEFUL AT home, school, hobby and DIY. 

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Extended set of Chalk & Glass markers for Kids and Adults. 

Our liquid chalk pens decorate and add bright and vivid colors to all kinds of objects.

  • Set of 14 shiny chalk markers and glass markers with bold and fine tip.
  • Chalk pens are filled with high quality dry & wet erasable chalk paint! 


  • are durable and of great quality,
  • impress with the vibrancy of the erasable chalk paint,
  • come with great variety of amazing and vivid colors,
  • write much better and cleaner than regular chalk,
  • are perfect for so many crafts,
  • work beautifully for erasable and permanent decorations (depending on the surface you use them on),
  • include special and more permanent gold and silver color markers,
  • and make bold and fine lines,



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